If you stop and listen, you can still hear my voice.  You toss and turn at night your visions are of me.
My name is Anna, your sensual erotic dream lover.  Your search is over my love, your here now, with me.

As you inhale, you still smell my sent, my wonderful erotic perfume.  I will be in your dreams late at night and your deepest thoughts at daylight.


You hear me whisper sensual erotic words sinfully, seductivey you will crave me.  My power over you is very simple but also very intense.  I will take you to new and exotic places. I want to  fulfill all your wild sensual desires, all and more are just a phone call away.  You want to pick up the phone don’t you darling, pick it up now and call your sinful obsession.  After all, I am your light into your burning wild  fantasies, I am your fantasy lover.
Yes my loves, I am back where I have always belonged, deep inside your wonderful world of fire and ecstacy.

Sensually yours always,



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